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    Akanishi Jin Anatomical Encyclopedia

    Saito Ryu

    feminin Sagetator Capra
    Mesaje : 2321
    Varsta : 26
    Localizare : 大阪市
    Data de inscriere : 08/08/2010
    Puncte : 3422

    Akanishi Jin Anatomical Encyclopedia

    Mesaj  Saito Ryu la data de Sam Aug 28, 2010 4:13 pm

    Height and weight notwithstanding, we've even gathered analytical data about what goes on in his head! Update your Jin information with our 2009-version personal data!

    Height: 176 cm
    I don't remember too well, but even from when I was little I wasn't particularly tall or short, just average. I don't have any complaints about my present height, but I think that the taller the better. No specific reason (laugh). My ideal height? Umm, I wonder... maybe about 185 cm.
    Inner Brain Pie Chart
    10% interests/hobbies
    10% health
    20% work
    20% family
    40% friends
    For me, the people who support me are more important than anything, that's why my friends and family take up the largest portions of space. The reason my friends have a large share is because there are more of them, but of course my family and friends are equally precious. It's because my private life is so fulfilled, that I can work like I do. So, interests are important, and lastly, health!

    Vision: Right 1.5, Left 1.5
    My vision has always been very good. This is definitely something to be grateful for. So, for me, glasses are a part of fashion. If you include the sunglasses I have, I probably have like 20 pairs... from simple designs to more flashy ones. I pick a pair each day according to my mood or what clothes I'm wearing.

    There are a lot of foods I like, but what came to mind just now is probably fruits. I don't have any one favorite; I like all fruits. Also, there aren't many foods that I don't like to eat, either. I might have had some when I was little, but now I can eat just about everything.

    Has anything made my heart pound recently....? I think there were quite a few things, but now that I'm trying to think of something, nothing's coming to mind~ Ah! This movie I watched recently was really good. The main character was a robot, but it had a really good message, and I think it was a very good movie. In my case, I'm quite often moved by films. [Wall-E for sure, right?]

    My fashion changes every day, but generally I go with denim styles. I don't really follow trends or anything. To the very end, I wear things that I personally like or things that look good on me. Something I bought recently... a red checkered shirt. After one glance, I liked it, so I bought it right away (laugh).

    My favorite part of my body is.... actually, my ankles (laugh). My ankles are pretty amazing! Even I look at them and think to myself, "What nice ankles~" What about them is so special? ...that's kind of hard to express in words. If you looked at them you'd understand, though (laugh). Well, if you get the chance please watch carefully.
    Shoe size: 26.5 cm
    In buying shoes, comfort and inspiration are of course important, but in the end I choose them on the basis of fashion. Context is also a consideration. For example, at black tie events when I have to wear a suit, I match my shoes. How many pairs of shoes do I have... sneakers, boots, leather shoes... putting them all together, I probably have over 20 pairs.

    Weight: about 64kg
    I don't think much about my weight at all. There are people who weigh themselves regularly after bathing, but I'm not one of them. So I don't really know about the fluctuations in my weight. Plus, you can't really decide someone is fat just because of their weight, right? People with muscles are heavier than they look. So, it's not something I pay attention to.

    Jin's senryuu poem:
    本年も 今までどおり マイペース
    honnen mo imamade doori maipeesu
    (This year, at my own pace, just like before)

    I'll be myself this year, too
    I tried writing down my thoughts exactly (laugh). It's alway the same for me, but I don't particularly decide things like "I want to do this this year." I think it would be great to just go through the year as myself, at my own pace.

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    You are one in a million

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    JY:Even if you're mad at me.You know shouldn't go to bet angry!

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