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    Kamenashi Kazuya in new AOKI “3D slim suit” CM

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    Kamenashi Kazuya in new AOKI “3D slim suit” CM

    Mesaj  Saito Ryu la data de Sam Oct 30, 2010 1:25 am

    KAT-TUN member, Kamenashi Kazuya has been chosen as image model for AOKI’s “3D slim suit”, and Kamenashi will star in a new CM which will start airing on October 1st. On AOKI’s official site, a comment by Kamenashi is appeared (as press release).

    Kamenashi says, “I enjoyed the shoot very much. Although I was not sure if I could take hard actions wearing suit on, but this ‘3D slim’ was very comfortable, and easy to move around. So the shoot was done smoothly.”

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