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    Akanishi Jin announces new single and Japan tour in 2011!

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    Akanishi Jin announces new single and Japan tour in 2011!

    Mesaj  Saito Ryu la data de Sam Oct 30, 2010 1:26 am

    Ex-KAT-TUN member, Akanihsi Jin, held “The U.S tour fan club send-off party, We’ll be together with you!” at Zepp Tokyo on October 3rd, where he announced that he will be holding a Japan tour, as well as release a new single, “Eternal“, in 2011. Jin said, “I can’t tell you the date yet, but the new single will be released in the beginning of 2011.”

    He performed 8 songs including “Eternal”, and he said to the press, “I’m full of gratitude to fans, Johnny-san (the JE president), staff, and KAT-TUN, who accepted my activities as a solo artist.”

    The send-off party will also be held on the 4th, and the total audience will consist of 10,800 fans who were chosen among the 230,000 applicants. Jin’s U.S tour will start on November 7th.

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