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    [T-Drama]Calling Big Star

    Saito Ryu
    Saito Ryu

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    [T-Drama]Calling Big Star  Empty [T-Drama]Calling Big Star

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    Also known as 呼叫大明星 / Hu Jiao Da Ming Xing / Calling For Love

    [T-Drama]Calling Big Star  Callingbigstar

    Genre: Comedy, Romance
    Category: Taiwanese Drama
    Film Date: May, 2010
    Episodes: 14

    Bo Ye is a reluctant big star who entered the entertainment industry to support his family. Now that he has earned enough money and his contract about to end, he happily starts planning for the next stage of his life. Around the same time, unfortunate financial downturn struck his agent, his sister and his best friend. Feeling obligated to help them he contemplates on renewing his contract. Totally depressed by this thought, he buys a lotto ticket hoping that he can win the big one and save him from this dilemma. As luck would have it, he wins the jackpot but loses the ticket before he can cash it. Now he is chasing after a taxi driver, De Xing, all over town in order to get it back.

    Casts: Charlene Choi, Chen Zhi Kai, Mike He, Zhang Yu, Zhou Cai Shi

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