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    [info] KAT-TUN's achievements round-table special!!

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    [info] KAT-TUN's achievements round-table special!!

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    "Before debuting, we set a record of 11 shows in a day, remember?"
    The last [in the KAT-TUN features for this issue] is a conversation with Kamenashi, Akanishi, Koki, and Ueda! They spoke of many "courageous stories" that came about from being a part of super popular group KAT-TUN! There were also some slightly embarrassing tales... (laugh)?!
    Rewatching our concert DVD to check out our coolness!
    Tanaka: Achievements, huh. There are so many I can't think of any (laugh).
    Kamenashi: In the past we were just insufferably mischievous~
    Akanishi: And we fought a lot.
    Ueda: But even towards the things we used to rebel against, after years have passed, we've become able to accept them.
    A: I guess we've grown up.
    T: No, but we still have our childish parts. When we went to that deserted island for a photoshoot, I [I? we? who knows anymore] made a sand pit by the shore and Taguchi fell into it, remember? (laugh)
    U: The moment he fell in, Taguchi turned so small (laugh).
    T: Speaking of accomplishments, before we debuted we set that record of 11 performances in a day, too.
    K: That's impossible now.
    T: From about the sixth show, it was so difficult that my memories are all gone.
    A: We were so tired we couldn't even talk in the dressing rooms...
    K: I kind of miss those days.
    U: When I re-watch our concert DVDs, I always realize anew that everyone looks really cool.
    T: And everyone has their own charms. Kame is very idol-like, which I respect, and Akanishi is good at English and he's sexy, Taguchi likes to make bad puns, but that kind of comic relief is something KAT-TUN really needs. Ueda's songs are a genre I can't even sing, and you're artistic, writing your own music and lyrics. Nakamaru's beatboxing is amazing, and he's smart, too.
    A: After all of your praise for everyone else, what about yourself?
    T: Me? There's nothing, really.
    U: That kind of Koki is...
    A&K&U: So cool~!
    T: ... (blush).
    Working hard with 720% of our strength!
    U: This is my own accomplishment, but I gained 4kg [over 8 pounds] in a day (laugh).
    T&A&K: Wow~~!!
    K: A long time ago, I did a backflip and the headband [katyusha?] I was wearing ended up stabbing my palm (laugh).
    T&A&U: I remember that~
    K: But, the place it poked was an extension of my lifeline, so in the end it made my lifeline longer (laugh).
    T: That's really funny (laugh). Speaking of which, Akanishi, you said in a magazine that you donated money, didn't you?
    A: Ah, yeah, at the convenience store.
    U: Me too. On the streets people come up with boxes and ask for donations pretty often, right? I give them money a lot of those times.
    T: Really?
    U: I hesitate for a second sometimes, but I put money in.
    K: Interesting.
    U: But, the most legendary accomplishment is Akanishi's study abroad experience, isn't it?
    A: Is it?
    U: Coming back after doing what you wanted to do, and now you're here doing your best... I think that's really cool.
    A: I don't think it's that big of a deal...
    K: The things we do individually, during work or on our own, that are fulfilling... in the end serve to energize the group as a whole, it seems.
    T: This year, if we can feed back the things we gained through our solos, it should add up to an amazing strength. If each person contributes 120%, all of us combined together is 720%.

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