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    Yoo Ah Dok-Jon [manga]

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    Yoo Ah Dok-Jon [manga]

    Mesaj  Ria-chan la data de Dum Feb 06, 2011 8:00 am

    Categories: comedy, drama, ecchi, harem, manhwa, romance, school life, shounen
    Author: Im Ae-Joo
    Artist: Im Ae-Joo
    Original Publisher: Daiwon
    Magazine: Young Champ
    Start Date: 2007
    Chapters: 15 - inactive


    To be the third generation to pass down his family name as only son of the rich Han family, ever since he was little Sang-Ah was ingrained with the motto 「A Successful Future comes from a Perfect Mate」 by his mother and raised with "Spartan-like" education. And due to his mother's harsh teachings about females Sang-Ah developed a serious aversion or trauma towards females. But one night during his age of 16, he's introduced to his fiance whom he has never met and Sang-Ah finally decides to leave his home. He leaves after making a deal with his mother that he'll find his own wife 'til he's 19 years old.


    Din pacate nu exista prea multe informatii despre aceasta manga,dar merita citita.
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    Re: Yoo Ah Dok-Jon [manga]

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    korean ? surprise

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